Our Team

We are visionary leaders bringing you a kaleidoscope of knowledge and experiences working with changemakers in businesses, governments, non-profits and communitie in over 45 countries.

"Original thinkers,
we inspire the best in our partners."

Barbara Bulc, GD Founder


Our global network of leading experts includes some of the best minds across diverse disciplines and sectors. If you are a systems thinker, mindfulness practitioner and passionate about solving global challenges join us at advisors@gd-impact.org


We work with leading universities to develop fresh ideas and share knowledge. If you are highly motivated and talented student who deeply cares about making positive social impact, we would like to hear from you. Please send your CV and letter of motivation to internships@gd-impact.org

I had great insights to a totally different kind of consulting approach.
Alessandro Giovanelli, Bocconi University, Italy
I have learned that in Geneva, world organizations work in silos without branching out of their own communities. As a result of these vertical and static approaches, they fail to produce lasting impacts.
Elisa Tedeschi, Boston College, USA
The GD experience taught me that to make a sizable difference, motivation is not enough. Strategic thinking in the right direction and a very dynamic approach is what defines success.
Megan Daetsch, The Graduate Institute, Switzerland
I learned that we must be bold and brave in our approach if we want to inspire change for our sustainable future.
Mia Clausin, University of Geneva, Switzerland