AI & Web3 tech for societal impact at MIT Media Lab

Joining Prof. Ramesh Raskar and student teams at demo day

MIT Media Lab, December 8, 2022, Cambridge

Barbara Bulc joined Prof. Ramesh Raskar and 14 interdisciplinary teams of students solving societal problems with newest technologiues foregorunding collaborations. Joined by experts, partners and potential investors, teams included:

  • Loamy ~ Empowering Your Fertility Journey
  • blueLabs ~ Predicting the impact of pollution at every location on the planet
  • MyFarmNet ~ Decentralized Social Network Powering Precision Farming
  • Linkteen ~ Empowering Teens to Build an Exceptional Future
  • iSight ~ Tokenized Tele-help for Vision Assistance
  • Mycelium ~ The Central Data Bank of Biology and AI
  • SleePro ~ Voice-based Circadian Diagnostic and Management Platform for Better Sleep, Performance, and Holistic Health
  • MediCipher ~ AI-enabled Clinical Billing Automation and Data Mining
  • TrustChain ~ Human-powered Verification System for Social Impact Projects that builds and abridges trust between donors, NGOs and communities
  • Moxie ~ Rediscovering Your Strengths for Refugees & Pivoters
  • FanCoin ~ Democratizing Fan Ownership in Sports Teams
  • Ledger Research ~ Democratizing Data Collection
  • Socratis ~ Predicting Societal Reactions to Multimedia Content.
  • ReFi DAO ~ A Web3 Venture Studio for Climate Startups