Activating Imagination with Experts at Culture and Wellbeing Forum

Scaling up arts and culture interventions for health and wellbeing

Cluj-Napoca, Romania and online, October 2021

Can art and culture help reimagine relationships to heal our world?  Barbara Bulc, the founder of  Art4Action and a non-profit collaboratory SDG Colab, joined a panel of European experts to share new perspectives how to reimagine our relationships for the wellbeing of communities and the planet. What if care were our organizing principle, instead of profit making? What if wellbeing were prioritized over economic growth? Art and culture have played a critical role in reimagining the future and reconciling the past, while inviting us to connect with ourselves and with each other.

The Culture and Wellbeing Forum aims to share best practices and foster interdisciplinary conversations with artists, cultural practitioners, health and wellbeing experts and policy makers to raise awareness and mobilize actions for the wellbeing of people, communities and the planet. Forum was initiated in 2018 by the Cluj Cultural Centre, it has sense been organized in collaboration with Bozar Brussels, UGM Maribor, Bruno Kessler Foundation, Municipality of Cluj-Napoca and Romanian Ministry of Culture.