Joining Advisory Board of Huxley Health

Unlocking doors to a revolution in mental health & wellness

Toronto, Canada, January 2022

We are excited to share that Barbara Bulc has joined Advisory Board of Huxley Health, a new enterprise transforming the future of mental health and wellness by delivering on the benefits of psychedelic medicine and nutraceuticals. Huxley vision is to become the premier enterprise engaged in cutting-edge innovation, research and development to deliver on the benefits of psychedelics and nutraceutical mushrooms.

The unmet and increasing need for treatments for mental health disorders, coupled with the growing body of evidence supporting the efficacy of psychedelics, has renewed public and medical interest in psychedelics. Huxley brings together a world class team of multidisciplinary experts and advisors representing critical skillsets including deep expertise in mental health, medicine, neuropsychopharmacology, psychedelic-assisted therapy, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical product development, conduct of clinical trials, human- centred design, health systems and implementation science.

“Psychedelics will be for psychiatry (the minds and consciousness) what the microscope is for biology or the telescope for astronomy. These tools make it possible to study importnat processes that under normal circumstances are not available for direct observation.”Dr. Stanislav Grof, Professor of Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies, Pioneer of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy

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