Annual Golden Rule Leadership Masterclass

How to lead with values and nature

Franklin University, Lugano, Switzerland

Our founder Barbara Bulc joined friends and learning designers in teaching the annual “Golden Rule Leadership Masterclass” at the Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland (FUS). Now in its 3rd year, this masterclass is part of Masters of Science in International Management Program at FUS, with orientations Climate Action and Digital Transformation. Hosted by Taylor Institute and in collaboration with Reboot the Future, this unique program taught by interdisciplinary faculty brings to students new perspective and practices for the emerging life economy.

The Golden Rule is a cross-cultural ethical principle found in virtually all the religions and wisdom traditions of the world. Also known as the Ethic of Reciprocity, we broadened its message to include the planet: “Treat others and the planet as you would wish to be treated.” Highly interactive program inside and outside of the classroom,  explored and addressed some of the following questions: What is Nature teaches us how to lead? What if care is our dominant organizing principle, instead of profit making? How can we redesign our social structures for just transition? How can we shift from “death economy” to “life economy” for the wellbeing of people, other beings and the planet?

Thank you to all friends and learning codesigners Carlo Giardinetti, Kim Polman and Anthony Bennet, joined by brilliant guest speakers Paul Polman, Darja Dubravcic, Phil Clothier, John Perkins and Ron Oswald, and talented students at the Franklin University. Looking forward to be back and continue raising awareness about Golden Rule practices across diverse sectors and communities. Golden Rule Masterclass will be available on a global platform in 2022.

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