Joining the Wisdom 2.0 Summit in San Francisco

A unique juxtaposition of emerging consciousness and tech evolution in our interdependent world

Computer History Museum, Silicon Valley April 27 to 29, 2022

We are grateful for the opportunity to join Wisdom 2.0 EMERGENCE Summit, and become part of a growing Wisdom 2.0 community around the world,  awakening our greater wisdom on our journeys.

In an insightful conversation with Jack Kornfield and Yung Pueblo,  moderated by Cecil Mak, Jack Kornfield invited our collective awareness by asking “Who is in the room and why are we here in this moment?” Hands raised answered, we were present because of a deep concern about growing polarization, economic injustice, climate and other challenges, and our hope that technology can help solve problems, while at the same time, serious concern persist that technology can be seriously misused.
I cannot agree more with Jack’s words: “No amount of technology – bio, nano, space or AI – will stop continuing wars, racism, economic injustice or climate change because they are all rooted in the human heart. Now we have to have the miracle of technology matched by a transformation of the human heart. This is the place we seat now as human beings.”
Thank you Soren Gordhamer and Annie Gallagher along with all participants for the wisdom and connections shared at this exceptional gathering.
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