What if wellbeing is prioritized over economic growth

Our flash talk at DEVEX WORLD inspires international development community

DEVEX WORLD 2022, Washington D.C., July 12, 2022

What if well-being was prioritized over economic growth in urban transitions? And in our lives?

DEVEX WORLD 2022 gathered over 1,000 thinkers, doers, changemakers, and expert practitioners in person for Devex World in Washington D.C.. Attendees to the 4th edition of this unique global development event joined a full day of inspiring, interactive, and collaborative sessions with one focus: turning ideas into action. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the increasing impacts of climate change, and conflicts creating ripple effects across the globe, no one sector, function, or professional can afford to miss the opportunity for transformation.

Barbara Bulc and Eric Gordon joined invited luminaries at DEVEX WORLD 2022, and presented a recently published research in a book “Activating Values in Urban Transitions – A novel approach to urban innovation in Romania”. This research is part of a long term social experiment in collaboration with  extraordinary local partners in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, including artists. The work  has been supported by a forward looking Fondation Botnar, a new kind of trust philanthropy, as part of OurCity global initiative in several cities in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.


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