Inspirational keynote at “Learning Together Conference”

Creating a culture of belonging in schools and communities

Transylvania College, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, November 5, 2022

Barbara Bulc had an honor to speak about new ways of creating a culture of belonging and cultivating trust and care at Learning Together Conference, organized by a pioneering  Transylvania College Foundation and INIM Institute in Romania.
The conference generously hosted engaged teachers, educators, students and parents from across Romania under the slogan “We are creating a culture of belonging in schools”.
We shared findings and experiences emerging from OurCluj living lab, that aims to prioritize wellbeing of the city’s young residents working together across diverse partners and communities.
We wish to express a heartfelt congratulation to Simona Baciu, the founder of Transylvania College Foundation and Inim Institute in Romania along with all amazing teachers, students and parents working tirelessly hard to transform learning and education in a country where education system and traumatic history present one of stumbling blocks to create a wellbeing society.
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